Supporting  Single Moms, Young Adults, Children, Seniors, Veterans, and Persons with Disabilities in Underserved Areas of Texas

WREM Literacy Group, Inc.

How We Serve

Choice, Chance, and Change --- Our Mantra!

Our offerings are designed to assist the underserved with making the Choice to take a Chance, confidently, on services that lead to self-sufficiency and overall positive lifestyle Changes --- those Changes that will empower single mothers, children, Young Adults, veterans, the homeless, seniors, and any other member that we serve to combat poverty.

The WREM Literacy Group, Inc. (WREM) is a non-profit corporation with 501(C)3 designation from the IRS. It was formed based on a dual philosophy of improving the quality of life for low-income citizens living in poverty across rural Texas and ameliorating the generational poverty that suffocates opportunity for their children.  Through its services, WREM offers families the stability, wherewithal, and opportunity to live decently and self-sufficiently amid an environment where dire economic circumstances are impossible to overcome without assistance.

The CEO, Board of Directors, Employees, and affiliates of WREM, individually, uphold the vision of the organization to address those economic and housing issues which lead to family fragmentation and ultimately rob children of an enlightened future. The purpose of WREM is to create a positive environment for the family so children will prosper academically, socially, and financially. Our vision is to assure that children have equal opportunity for success in our quest to end generational poverty.

WREM's home office is located in Prairie View, TX. Its target area currently consists of eight rural counties across Texas.

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