Supporting  Single Moms, Young Adults, Children, Seniors, Veterans, and Persons with Disabilities in Underserved Areas of Texas

WREM Literacy Group, Inc.

WREM makes another Dream of Homeownership

come true for a displaced homeowner.  Read More

Client's Promise

 to make the choice to take a chance on the offering of services that will bring about  positive change in my financial situation as well as strengthen opportunity in my child's future. 

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In the News

Extended Foster Care

WREM Literacy gets grant to work with Young Adults  aging out of foster care. The program, WREM SPIL,  will be accepting applications soon.   Read More


Soon, the WREM Literacy Group, Inc. will be offering  Housing Assistance  to displaced and disabled veterans.

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WREM's Mission

Fulfill a purpose to inspire independence and self-sufficiency in the underserved by providing the tools and exposure that lead to the earning of a sustainable income and other lifestyle changes for the

future of the children.

Where the Heart Is ... Home!

Home is for the Family ... Inevitably!

It is where Love begins and  Sorrow ends. A Place  where a Warm Smile reaps a Sense of Style. Within it, Solitude concedes
to the Visions and Dreams that breed.
 Home is the beginning of  Tomorrow ... Here the Past blends with Futures Borrowed

to Develop the Formidable Child!