Supporting  Single Moms, Young Adults, Children, Seniors, Veterans, and Persons with Disabilities in Underserved Areas of Texas

WREM Literacy Group, Inc.

Theory of Change

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The WREM Literacy Group, Inc. was founded around a Theory of Change that a difference can be made in underserved, impoverished, rural communities by a social change initiative geared toward challenging the stereotypes of poverty. The initiative is based on the belief that with the appropriate support, training, and direction, the underserved comprising our target population can acquire the mental tools and financial means to live an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. Undertaking this initiative is our Value Proposition.

The members comprising our target population are low-income citizens, ranging in age from 3 years to seniors, inclusive of veterans and the disabled.  These individuals participate in programs of intervention that empower them to stand and confront the barriers of destitution that fuel inter-generational poverty. Our programs provide HOPE, instill laughter, build self-esteem, and touch lives in a way that our clients are comfortable, yet courageous, as they undertake the preparation for a better way of living.  Special focus and attention are given to single mothers.

The value of our programs extends beyond the participant. They bring immense benefit to the community. Our programs produce skilled laborers within the community that local businesses can hire. Our homes transform blighted communities into performing assets on the tax roll. Our educational programs produce children that are prepared to perform well in school and adults capable of earning a sustainable income. That income re-cycles into much needed dollars for the local economy. With the spiraling burden on the federal budget for assistance with living in poverty, our participants become contributors in the process by paying taxes on earned income. 

In addition, the tremendous value of our presence in the community is exemplified with measurable results. The outcome of our efforts can be measured by decreases in the need for social services as well as an increase in revenue from property taxes, hiring, enrollment in higher education, school readiness, and in the pride and morale associated with independence and homeownership. Our service makes an impact on future generations.

The programs offered as part of our social change initiative focus on the following:

providing skilled applicants for the job market

the provision of decent and affordable housing

preparing Young Adults for a productive adulthood

training the early learner for school readiness. ;

The programs of the WREM Literacy Group, Inc. follow:

CHDO and Rehab Housing

The Your Discovery Place



Early Childhood Literacy.

Value Proposition

Making a Difference by Lighting the Way for the Underserved in Rural Texas