Supporting  Single Moms, Young Adults, Children, Seniors, Veterans, and Persons with Disabilities in Underserved Areas of Texas

WREM Literacy Group, Inc.

Offering A Choice to Take a Chance on

Opportunities for Change  


WREM SPIL, a Supervised Preparation for Independent Living,  is an all expense paid opportunity to practice for the successful transition out of foster care.  It is a state sponsored Supervised Independent Living (SIL) Program of life and basis skills training,  in which Young Adults live in an onsite, shared-housing facility.  WREM SPIL is a structured program where individuals aging out of foster care are paid to practice independent living with little or no supervision.  Participation in the program is voluntary.

Who Can Voluntarily Participate?

Any Young Adult between the ages of 18 and 22, who were wards of the State of Texas on their 18th birthday, are eligible to participate in this program.  The WREM SPIL Program serves eligible Young Adults throughout Area 6 of Texas, the Houston Metropolitan Statistical Area. Furthermore, any Young Adult aging out of Foster Care in Texas, who wishes to attend the Prairie View A & M University can qualify for the program.  The Young Adults participating in the program will receive monetary assistance with housing and tuition  as well as a monthly living allowance.

How Does WREM SPIL Work?

 Young Adults --- those transitioning from foster care ---  are assisted in developing the skills to live an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle. The goal is to prepare them to earn a sustainable income.  Participants practice living independently in housing provided by WREM. They are responsible for designing and maintaining their schedules, which include work, school, physical activity, and socialization.  For more information on how WREM SPIL works, contact either your CPS case worker, or Jazmyn Norman at WREM,  936 857-9129.

What Are the Benefits of WREM SPIL?

The benefits of the WREM SPIL program are many.  First and foremost, the program has been designed to assist the Young Adult aging out of Foster Care in maximizing their potential to live an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle through a program specifically tailored to meet their needs and desires.  Participants in the WREM SPIL program will be paid to improve their ability to earn a sustainable income.  In most cases,  the money earned for participating in WREM SPIL exceeds the net income retained from working a minimum waged job ---  after taxes and expenses have been removed.

While participating in the program,  each Young Adult will receive a stipend of no less than $330.00 per month.  All housing, tuition, transportation, and childcare are covered.  Health insurance is provided.

A summary of the benefits follow:

  • Monthly stipend of no less than $330.00.
  • Free tuition, housing, transportation, and where applicable, childcare.
  • Personally designed plan for self-sufficiency.
  • Health insurance provided.
  • Counseling provided, if needed.
  • Personal coaching.
  • GED preparation, training, and tutoring.
  • Life and basic skills enrichment training.
  • Assistance with completing application for college admission and Financial Aid.

Single Mothers --- WREM SPIL Wants You!

Expectant mothers and those with small children are especially encouraged to consider WREM SPIL.  WREM SPIL offers a Choice,  a Chance, and an opportunity to make Changes that will make life better for the entire family. Single mothers have two choices:

                                 1)   attend college.  If necessary,  WREM SPIL will assist with completing a GED.

                                 2)   participate in workforce development, where an individual is trained for earning a sustainable income

                                        in a field of their choosing.

There are many benefits for a single mother to Choose to participate in the WREM SPIL all expense paid program:

                                 1)   Receive a monthly stipend for mother and children.

                                 2)   Receive free health care.

                                 3)   Receive free childcare with transportation.

                                 4)   Receive free housing for mother and children.

                                 5)   Receive free tuition.

                                 6)   Receive free counseling and guidance.

                                 7)   Receive free transportation.

                                 8)   Get assistance with Financial Aid and completing the application for College Admission.


In assisting single mothers,  WREM SPIL is designed for children to accompany and live with the mother while her participation in the program is underway.  This dynamic feature removes the difficulty of young mothers attending college or a job training program because of childcare issues. Because this is an all expense paid program, the money issues that often block single mothers' participation have been removed as well.


The WREM SPIL Program will be located in Prairie View, TX --- home of the renowned Prairie View A & M University.  The Panther Quarters is the setting. The Panther Quarters is an off-campus, shared housing environment for Young Adults and students attending the Prairie View A & M University. Housing will also be facilitate on the campus of PVAMU and, if necessary, throughout the community.  For more information on the WREM SPIL Program, either contact WREM SPIL or download the SIL brochure.

The physical location and contact information for WREM SPIL follow:


                                      Ms. Jazmyn Norman

                                      WREM SPIL Program Director

                                      709 Thompson Street

                                      P. O. Box 575

                                      Prairie View, TX 77446

                                      (936) 857-9129

How to Apply for the WREM SPIL Program

Applications are now being accepted. To apply, contact either Jazmyn Norman, SPIL Program Director, 936 857-9129, or your CPS caseworker. The program is funded in part through a grant from the Department of Family and Protective Services.  WREM SPIL is a vision of the WREM Literacy Group, Inc. in collaboration with nonprofits and community organizations with like missions across the State of Texas.