Supporting  Single Moms, Young Adults, Children, Seniors, Veterans, and Persons with Disabilities in Underserved Areas of Texas

WREM Literacy Group, Inc.

The WREM Literacy Group, Inc. provides services that  embolden a client's quest to improve their overall quality of life and their ability to earn a sustainable income.  Our programs specifically target single mothers and prepares them to confront and combat those issues that contribute to the massive poverty existing in underserved communities --- poverty that stems from poor literacy and the inappropriate availability of job related readiness.   In addition to single moms, our services are extended to others in our target community, whose income and status qualify them to receive federal aid.  So that children can experience opportunities that lead to a prosperous and an enlightened future, WREM Literacy Group, Inc.  serves.

The Services of the WREM Literacy Group, Inc. Are Available to the Following People

Single Mothers


Young Adults from Foster Care

High School Drop-outs

Senior Citizens



First Time Homebuyers

Persons with Disabilities

Disaster Relief for Displaced Homeowners

Homeowners in Need of Housing Rehabilitation


Who We Serve?