Supporting  Single Moms, Young Adults, Children, Seniors, Veterans, and Persons with Disabilities in Underserved Areas of Texas

WREM Literacy Group, Inc.

Who We Are

The WREM Literacy Group, Inc. is a nonprofit 

corporation with 501(C)3 designation from the

IRS.  Through its mission, WREM provides the

opportunity for change and offers means for

earning a sustainable income to single mothers

and its other clients. In addition, WREM is a pro-

vider of decent and affordable housing in non-

participating jurisdictions throughout the State

of Texas. Formed to address the issues that

cause children to lag behind academically,

socially, and financially,  WREM has a vision to

offer services that levels the opportunity  for

children to have a bright future.  Therefore, the organization puts tremendous focus on the single mother.

WREM is headquartered in Dallas and offers it services in the non-participating jurisdictions of both the Dallas and Houston metropolitan statistical areas. The organization is managed by Deborah Dennis and supported by a staff of 4, to include her daughter, Nikisha Jackson.  Deborah brings to WREM 20 years of building and renovating affordable housing with subsidized funding.  Nikisha holds certification as a Master Reading Specialist from the State of Texas. She has been an educator for more than 15 years with emphasis in early childhood literacy.

The mission of WREM incorporates community revitalization to effect economic growth. Economic growth in the community has a positive impact  on the future outcome of  the child coming of age within the community.

The services offered by WREM  include the following: 

  • preparation of adults for employment through workforce development.
  • preparation of Young Adults aging out of foster care to earn a sustainable income for living an independent and self-sufficient adulthood.
  • provision of decent and affordable housing for single mothers and other first-time homebuyers.
  • assistance with acquiring rental housing.
  • mortgage down payment assistance.
  • preparation of young children for entry into school through the early childhood school readiness program.